Isle of Man Opportunities to collaborate with the Isle of Man Government’s Department for Enterprise, to facilitate the relocation of skilled workers and entrepreneurs from South Africa

Isle of Man Opportunities, a relocation specialist for South Africans wishing to start a new life in the Isle of Man, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the Department for Enterprise, a department within the Isle of Man Government.

A nature lover’s paradise, the Isle of Man is also a leading international business centre, renowned for its innovation, professionalism and long-standing policy of positive engagement with international initiatives and standards.

Offering a high quality of life and excellent work and business opportunities, the Island is quoted as one of the safest places to live in Europe and an attractive destination for individuals and entrepreneurs looking to relocate and experience a new and exciting way of life. 

A trusted name in the relocation industry, Isle of Man Opportunities facilitates seamless transitions for South Africans looking to make the Isle of Man their home or business base, and the partnership between IOM Opportunities and the Department for Enterprise will provide several key benefits:

  • Increased Reach: IOM Opportunities, with its expertise in international relocation, will extend its reach in South Africa, making it easier for individuals and entrepreneurs to explore the opportunities available in the Isle of Man.
  • Enhanced Conversion: By leveraging the knowledge and experience of IOM Opportunities, potential relocators will receive comprehensive guidance, leading to higher conversion rates for those considering the Isle of Man as their relocation destination of choice.
  • Reduced Fees: For an initial trial period, clients will benefit from reduced fees, making the relocation process more affordable and accessible.

Commenting on the partnership, Director of Policy and Strategy for the Department for Enterprise, Andrew Stewart commented: 

‘We are delighted to partner with IOM Opportunities and support them in their drive to encourage more skilled workers and entrepreneurs to consider the Isle of Man as their destination of choice for work and business.

‘The partnership directly aligns with the Isle of Man Government’s Island Plan and ongoing commitment to attract new individuals and businesses to the Island, and to grow our economically active population, filling 1,800 jobs over the next three years.’ 

The Isle of Man is a hugely popular destination for many South Africans who have already taken the decision to relocate, offering those seeking new opportunities, an excellent quality of life and a place to thrive and do business.

IOM Opportunities spokesperson Marnie Delaney-James said:

‘Isle of Man Opportunities’ experience and expertise in immigration, housing and business setup services, will play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth transitions for those who wish to relocate to the Island and we are delighted to form this strategic partnership with the Department for Enterprise. 

‘Our mission has always been to simplify the relocation process and make it accessible to a broader audience. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in strengthening the connections between South Africa and the Isle of Man, opening doors to exciting opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.’

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