Isle of Man Schooling

State schooling is a high standard and carries no school fees. There are over 30 primary schools and 5 secondary schools on the island, in addition there are also 3 independent schools.

Choosing a state school in the Isle of Man is dependant upon catchment area. Class sizes are usually around thirty pupils with one teacher and a classroom assistant.

The school year starts early September and is split into three terms with a weeks holiday in the middle of each term. The first term will end in December and the second term runs from January to May and the third term runs from May to July.

Reception, which is the introductory school class, starts for children turning 5 in that school year. Some schools may finish at the age of 7 but others will continue until the child is 11 and then they will go onto secondary school. Children can finish school at 16 although many children go on to study A-levels until the age of 18.

An independent school will carry fees and may offer a boarding option. This is not based upon catchment area and therefore joining one of these schools is not determined by where you live. Independent schools will have class sizes of around 24 pupils. They will run to the same school calendar as the state school. Fees can be around £7,000 per term per child with boarding an additional fee.

The University College Isle of Man offers further education on the island. It has a long standing reputation for excellence in training and education on the island.

There is a range of academic, vocational and professional options are available and all can be studied on a full time or part time basis. 

Higher education includes a range of HNCs, HNDs and MBA's. These degree level courses are offered in conjunction with the University of Chester.