Whether you have already chosen to relocate to the Isle of Man or are still looking at the best possibilities for South African emigration, transportation will be high on your list. While one may struggle with public transport in South Africa, the available options for transportation in the Isle of Man makes getting around, whether for work or leisure, very easy. 

There are many options to fly between South Africa and the Isle of Man and the usual route is to fly into the UK and across to the island. From South Africa there are direct flights to the UK or flights via Europe or the Middle East. 

It takes 90 minutes to cover the entire island by road so the local bus service or the comfort of your own car or the thrill of your own motorbike, are all excellent transportation options once on the island.

Transport Walking isle of man

There are many options to either hire a car or to purchase a new or second hand car. Motorbikes, mopeds and scooters are another great way to get around and with the Isle of Man being most famous for its annual TT Race, the motorbike bug will surely kick in after watching a the TT.

Whether commuting or a sport, cycling is a favourite on the island. There are many cycle stores on the island where either purchasing or hiring is an option. 

Once you’re settled on the island you will find that a great way to explore is to make use of the steam trains and trams. An iconic and regular sight in the island’s capital of Douglas, is The Douglas Bay Horse Tram. Pulled by heavy workhorses, it is the oldest surviving Horse Tramway in all of the British Isles and has been operational since its inception in 1876. If exploring further afield, the island’s steam and electric trains, all which date back to the late 1800s, will transport you to all the best heritage and tourist sites.


Walking is, of course, the cheapest and most leisurely way to get around the Isle of Man. The Island is extremely safe so walking to and from work, exploring the city, or going on a hike is not only healthy, it is also a pleasure. Joining a hiking club is a great way to meet new people and to see the extraordinary countryside up close.

Walking in the isle of man


There are several air links to the Isle of Man from the UK and Ireland combined with the maximum flight time being one hour and fifteen minutes. Most routes are operated by low cost airlines too allowing you to make the most of the convenient and cost effective links to the UK and Europe. 

Flying between South Africa and the Isle of Man involves a flight to the UK either direct or via the Middle East or Europe and then a flight onwards to the island. Flights from the UK operate from a number of airports including London Heathrow and Manchester, two popular destinations from South African connecting flights.